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Bird Print Dress

Buy it for $46.91 on TBDress.

With a colourful print and a girly silhouette, this mini dress can certainly put you in the mood for a positive day. Sure, we know it's a bit short, but the conservative crew neck and the three quarter sleeves compensate for the daring skirt. That contrast actually makes it a very elegant piece to wear and if you're in love for the bird print like we are, you will keep it indefinitely in your closet.


Eagle Sunrise Teepee

Buy it for $34.99 on HalloweenCostumes.com.

Every kid who engages in some serious pretend play needs the perfect props to make it work. This indian teepee tent will make the perfect hideaway for your children and will keep them entertained for quite a while. We’re jealous.

Lipstick Shaped Clutch

Buy it for $25.00 on Chicnova.

Because the clutch is meant to be worn on very special occasions, it usually comes in very unique designs, with all kinds of shapes and materials. This lipstick clutch is one of those amazing pieces that should get a special place on any closet. Made of shiny black acrylic with a boxy shape, it’s perfect to bear those party essentials and make a cool fashion statement.


Bloody T-Shirt

Buy it for $22.69 on Pink Queen.

A cool graphic print can be a good conversation starter, but this bloody t-shirt will probably initiate a much bigger event. This impressive clothing piece will definitely cause a stir among people around you. Just make sure you tell them everything’s O.K. and explain them the Zombie apocalipse is still just a Hollywood script.


Mixology Dice Set

Buy it for $38 on Spring.

We’re not sure if this mixology drink set is for everyone, but it sure seems fun to play with. These 8 laser-engraved dice provide different ingredients for different elements that are essential to create a balanced cocktail. The key is to roll the right set of dice to make that perfect mix, but if you’re up for adventure, go rogue and mix it all up!

Bunny Headphone Splitter

Buy it for $12 on Spring.

Sharing your music or your videos with friends anywhere is easy with the Jack Rabbit headphone splitter. Just plug it into your smartphone or tablet and start browsing your favourite songs or those youtube videos you want to share with your your mate without disturbing other people.

Alice in Wonderland Booties

Buy it for $305.99 on Fun.com.

If you're shoe mad, you will go completely nuts for the new limited edition shoes by British footwear brand Irregular Choice. The entire collection features daring designs in vibrant colours inspired by the fantasy imagery of Alice in Wonderland. Our favourite is this pair of cobalt blue booties, entirely embellished with sequins and a huge black glitter bow, along with a sweet Alice character in the heel piece. Perfect statement piece.


Selfie Illuminator Phone Lens

Buy it for $29.99 on Cotton On.

Always looking for the perfect selfie? This illuminator phone lens may give you those great pics you want in a very simple way. All you have to do is attach the rechargeable LED clip to fit over your smartphone lens and take the shot. The wide lens captures every angle and the warm light flatters your skin tone. Perfect for night time snapshots.

World Scratch Map

Buy it for $24.99 on Fun.com.

If you’re a traveller at heart, this poster is going to be your next life diary. The world scratch map poster allows you to chart your travel achievements and plan your next destinations. Just scratch the places you’ve already been and make it a goal to reach and discover those unscratched places.

Octopus Tea Infuser

Buy it for $5.99 on Fun.com.

It’s no secret that drinking tea can be very good for your health, but it’s also common knowledge that tea bags, despite being very practical, are filled with additives and give a rather wishy-washy flavour to your drink. That is why having a great tea infuser can be a very good option. For those who really love tea, this octopus shaped infuser turns the task of preparation and consumption of tea a little bit easier and a lot more fun.


Light Curtains

Buy it for $34.99 on Cotton On.

We don’t really need Christmas to cover the walls with string lights. Life itself is reason enough to celebrate and fill our house with radiant decorations. The warm light they emanate can actually give a unique atmosphere to a room and there’s no doubt it can turn it into a true resting sanctuary. Perfect for life meditation.

Red Polka Dot Dress

Buy it for $27.54 on Tidebuy.

Polka dots are fashion anti-depressants. They are whimsical, feminine, exciting and can turn a simple piece of clothing into a fun style statement. For this long and dark maxi dress, red uneven polka dots made the trick and were able to convert it into an irresistible garment. The world should definitely be covered with polka dots all over the place.